Bob Evans Shooting Suspect Ends Up in Former CPD Detective’s Backyard in Osnaburg

OSNABURG TWP., Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Bob Evans shooting suspect Richard Nelson owns a home on Indian Run Avenue SE in Osnburg Township, so retired Canton Police Detective Mike Rukavina who lives on Neimans Avenue in the township wasn’t surprised when a neighbor informed him that Nelson was seen in the area.

But the surprise came when Rukavina’s wife spotted him in the woods behind their house.

Rukavina watched Nelson’s movements and used his cell phone to assist police in locating the man.

The arrest was made on Neimans just north of Route 30.

Nelson is charged with aggravated murder for shooting 38-year-old Rebecca Rogers to death inside the Lesh Street NE Bob Evans in Canton.

Rukavina with David Held on Saturday says he figured the accused killer would make it to his house on nearby Indian Run Avenue, but never thought he’d end up in his backyard.