Browns Playoff Game Vs Texans – Saturday At Houston

The Cleveland Browns will play the Houston Texans in the Wildcard round of the NFL playoffs on Saturday, January 13th at 4:30pm.

Cleveland’s 31-14 loss at Cincinnati on Sunday had no affect on the Browns playoff opponent.

The determining factors were Houston’s 23–17 win over Indianapolis on Saturday night and Tennessee upsetting Jacksonville on Sunday 28–20 helping the Texans win the AFC South.

Therefore Houston will host the Browns in the Wildcard playoff game.

Cleveland, with an 11-6 record, finishes second in the AFC North behind first place Baltimore, who ends up as the AFC’s number one seed at 13-4.

Pittsburgh also makes the playoffs out of the AFC North with a 10-7 record.

With their win over the Browns on Sunday, the Bengals finish with a 9-8 record, good for fourth place in the AFC North, but not good enough to qualify for the playoffs.


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