Almost one year after breaking ground on the $34 million CAK Gate Modernization and Expansion Program, the final steel beam has been set for the new concourse.  Canton-Akron Airport President and CEO Ren Comacho joined Gary Rivers to share how the project is actually ahead of schedule.

“Phases of this project have been orchestrated to minimize Customer impact,” said Camacho. “Most Customers haven’t realized construction is occurring until they’re taxing away from their gate, or they’re driving away from the airport. We strive to make CAK a better way to go, even during these times of construction.”

The $34 million gate modification project consists of three main phases:

Hear the Interview and learn of the new conveniences which are planned

  1. Completed: Phase one will involve utility and drainage work as well as the construction of a 22,900-square yard concrete aircraft parking apron. In some areas this apron will have 15-inch thick concrete sections.
  1. In Progress: Phase two will involve the actual construction of the new gates. This will include a two-level concourse consisting of 41,600-square feet, very similar to our existing second floor gates.
  1. Next: Phase three involves the demolition of the old gate complex, allowing 7,500-square yards of aircraft parking apron.

The full project, including demolition of the old gates, will be completed by mid- 2021.