Can you take your “Gummies” on an Airplane?


With holiday travel ramping up, the TSA wants to remind people that even if it’s legal in your state, marijuana possession is still against the law on a federal level.
That means it’s not legal to fly with weed or other THC-infused products — even if they’re legal in the state of departure or the destination state. “TSA’s response to the discovery of marijuana is the same in every state and at every airport — regardless of whether marijuana has been or is going to be legalized at the state level,” says TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers. “This also covers medical marijuana.” TSA agents are required to report violations to law enforcement officials, Dankers adds.
As with most rules, however, there is an exception: Cannabis products with no more than .3 percent of THC “on a dry weight basis” are allowed in both carry-on bags and checked luggage, the agency says.  Make sure you research the rules before you fly.

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