CCPH: Legionnaires Bacteria All Around Us

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – We told you last week about the two cases of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires Disease.

Both had been patients at Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital.

We think of Legionnaires in terms of large gatherings and big buildings.

But Canton City Public Health asks: did you know the bacteria can show up in your home?

Canton Health Commissioner Amanda Archer points out that second floor shower that rarely gets used.

The bacteria can build up in the water pipes, then it gets sprayed into the air when the shower is turned on, ending up in the lungs if the mist is inhaled.

And Archer says some people, especially those in good health, can be unaffected by the bacteria.

She says two people can inhale the same water droplets that contain the bacteria.

One may show no symptoms, while the other develops pneumonia.