CANTON (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The city of Canton issued a press release this afternoon to respond to questions that have arisen from the recent decision made by Stark County officials to reduce sewer bills to their monthly minimum of $26.50.

The reduction applies to those businesses and restaurants that have closed during COVID-19. When asked if the City of Canton would be doing something similar, city officials said the following:

The answer is that Canton’s rates and method of metering usage already take into account reduced usage, whether as a result of COVID-19 or any other reason, and already therefore provide for reduced billings to businesses and restaurants affected by COVID-19.

Stark County sewer customers are billed a flat rate based on a number of set factors because they are not metered. The vast majority of City of Canton customers receive sewer bills based on metered water use, meaning, a reduction in water use from a slowdown or closure results in a reduction of both the water and sewer bill for metered customers.

The minimum monthly sewer bill for metered customers is $7.90. The few unmetered City of Canton sewer customers are billed $26.04 monthly.

Therefore, closed or slowed metered customers in Canton already have the benefit of a metered bill reflecting little or no usage, while unmetered customers have the benefit of an already lower rate than the minimum Stark County sewer rate of $26.50. Therefore, Canton sewer customers who are closed or have seen a substantial reduction in business are already receiving reduced bills.

The City of Canton says it remains committed to working with its utility customers during this time. Anyone experiencing difficulties or with questions is encouraged to contact the Utility Billing Office at 330-649-8100.