(WHBC) – A cybersecurity bill in the Ohio Senate would create a volunteer unit called the Civilian Cyber Reserve Force.

“These are civilian cybersecurity experts that would be part of the Ohio National Guard,” said Secretary of State Frank LaRose on with Canton’s Morning News.

He says they would be mobilized in the event of a cyber attack against any city or state government entity, especially boards of election.

“These individuals would be able to respond and get the work done to put things right.”

LaRose says the volunteer unit would also consult with boards of election on a regular basis to ensure the right safeguards are in place.

He says Ohio would be the first state to have something set up in this innovative fashion, and Ohio has plenty of smart people who could do this.

“Whether these are individuals that work for an IT company or an insurance company, they would be doing their normal civilian jobs but be able to be called out if the worst happens.”

Watch Pam’s full interview with Frank below.