Clowns Are Becoming Serious Business

As the scary clown sightings phenomenon works its way across the country, local schools and police are beginning to become concerned.

In the suburban Columbus community of Bexley, Police are now asking residents to refrain from dressing as a Clown this Halloween season.  While no crimes have yet been reported there, a person was reported by several people, standing under a streetlight.  Also, the Superintendent of Canfield Schools in NE OHio has actually banned clown costumes at its Halloween festivities.

Why all the fear?

Perhaps it’s the recent attempt in Concord, California, when a man in a clown suit attempted to kidnap a one-year-old girl from her mother’s arms .  Or, in Galt, California, and 8-year-old boy was reportedly chased down by two clowns on Wednesday afternoon. The fourth grader was not hurt., but was certainly scared for his life

Creepy clown sightings have been noted in at least 32 states since the strange phenomenon began two months ago.

Claims began on the east coast when kids claimed clowns were trying to lure them into the woods.


Halloween sales of clown masks are reportedly up more than 300% over least year.   Of the top ten, eight of them are “evil” clown masks, where last year, five of the top selling clown masks were “evil.”

But what is scarier?  Evil clown masks, or the presidential candidate masks of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Tough choices parents.




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