Mondays at the Movies


I thoroughly enjoyed this latest animated film by Disney/Pixar.

I think they got this one right.  It’s stunning visually — with a memorable soundtrack…has plenty of action and adventure…and at it’s core…it’s a heartwarming adventure—-with an overiding theme that no one can complain about — Family is Everything.

The story follows Miguel—-a young Mexican boy who secretly longs to become a famous musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz…..a singer who died long ago.  On the annual Mexican celebration …the Day of the Dead, Miguel gets into a fight with his family –who prefer he join the family trade of shoemakers—-but instead, he  somehow ends up with de la Cruz’s guitar and ends up transported to the Land of the Dead.

And that’s where all the real fun begins.  Thankfully.  Because the story dragged a bit until then….

By the way. while you may be tempted…Coco may be a bit much for younger children….maybe 6 and under.  Your child may vary…but, if you don’t mind a few scary moments with skeletons….the language never gets beyond word s like “heck” and “stupid”…

For the rest of us..I can tell you that Coco is one of the best Pixar Films in recent memory…While not quite as complex as my favorite Inside/Out…it’s pretty close. You’ll love the story and it’s a solid tribute to Mexican traditions and customs.  Maybe just what we need today…celebrating hard work and the importance of family.

and Anthony Gonzalez..the 12 year old who voiced Miguel….is really good…

It’s worth going to see….I give it 4+ out of 5 stars..

I’m Gary Rivers and That’s What’s happening at the movies.

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