WHBC Christmas Cash or Bash Giveaway

Presenting the WHBC Holiday Cash or Bash Giveaway
Featuring J.T. The Jingle Elf!

Join the winner’s circle!

Andrew Fomich & Jingle Elf JT

Andrew Fomich with Aultman Tusc Therapy received $400 worth of goodies for a holiday work party.  Anthony Flex of Canton wins $500 with Kenny and JT!  Beth Griffith of Canton wins $500 with Pam on Canton’s Morning News!

You’ve got two ways to win!

Way #1:  The Office Party Bash! Want a party in your office but no budget? J.T. The Jingle Elf could bring you everything you need to celebrate the holidays on the job! He’ll show up in person to surprise you and your co-workers with enough gift cards (Dunkin’, Pizza Hut, Rohr’s Nursery, Maggiore’s on Portage) to cover your holiday office party! Enter below and if your name is drawn, J.T. could be there with bells on … jingle bells, that is!

Way #2:  A Little Jingle in Your Pocket! We’ll be giving away stacks of cash on air as well! Enter below, and if your name is announced during Pam or Gary or Kenny & JT’s show, you’ll have 14 minutes to call 330.450.1480 and claim $500. Here’s a little help: Pam will tell you what hour to listen for your name each Thursday and Friday!  

Two ways to win! Once place to register!

Right here.  The One. The Only. WHBC. Happy Holidays!

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Register below to win the cash or the bash or both!  Begin with your name, home address, daytime phone and email.  To  also get in on the office bash, please add your company name, address and phone number!

WHBC Christmas Cash and/or Bash Giveaway

Contest begins November 12, 2018. Office party gift card packs delivered each Wednesday through December 4th, 2018. $500 will be awarded on the air each Thursday and Friday (except for Thanksgiving Day), through December 7th, 2018. You must be 18 to play. No purchase necessary. Alpha Media generic contest rules apply.  Listeners can register for and possibly win both cash and the bash!  Entries will be randomly pulled from all received.



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