Do this at Night to Feel Better in the Morning!

Most of us do things in the morning to help set us up for a good day, but it’s not just the a.m. routine that makes a difference. It turns out, some small tweaks to your nighttime habits can make a big difference in your happiness the next day. Experts recommend doing these steps in the evening to help boost your mood in the morning.

  • Take an evening walk – Even a quick post-dinner stroll around the block comes with benefits. A brief walk outside after eating can help lower blood sugar levels and help you wind down, too. Psychologist and well-being expert Lee Chambers says an evening walk helps with processing the day’s information and that the “mental tidying up gives my busy mind a level of peace,” and helps quiet that internal dialogue.
  • Put your phone down, ideally in another room – Getting a good night’s sleep has been shown to positively affect your mental state the next day and how we use devices impacts the quality of our rest. Laurie Santos, a Yale University psychology professor and host of “The Happiness Lab” podcast, advises turning off screens 30 minutes before bed and then keeping devices away from bed so you’re not tempted to start scrolling at night or check work emails first thing when you wake up.
  • Take a warm bath – Psychologist Justine Grosso recommends evening baths for their physical and mental health benefits, explaining, “Totally immersing yourself in water, as opposed to showering, has been shown to lift mood in people with depression, improve sleep for people with insomnia and have positive effects on the cardiovascular system.”
  • Do a body scan – This is a mindfulness exercise that can be done in bed and research scientist Courtland Dahl says it can help ease chronic stress and mental rumination. Start with your head and think about each part of your body, moving down until you get to your toes, thinking about the sensations you notice as you relax and let go of tension, hopefully feeling more calm and ready for sleep.
  • End each day with gratitude – Before you go to sleep, think of three to five things you’re thankful for and write them down. Psychologist Robert Emmons’ research finds the act of listing your blessings can “lead to significant improvements in well-being.” And according to Dahl, reflecting on the people and things you’re grateful for as part of your bedtime routine can help you “naturally feel less stressed and more connected as you drift off to sleep.”

Source: Huff Post

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