Do you believe in the Afterlife?  What Happens When We Die?

What happens after we die? It’s one of the questions that boggle people the most – and it seems many people believe life goes on after we physically leave this earth. A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 50% of people believe in the afterlife.
  • 60% insist that no matter what you believe everyone experiences the same thing after they die.
  • But whether it’s true or not, two-in-three people agree that scientists will never be able to prove what happens when someone dies.

As for where they think they’ll go when they die.

  • 55% of people think they are going to heaven.
  • 58% are concerned the life they led will send them to hell.
  • Regardless, 68% don’t fear what comes after death.
  • But if they could choose, 69% say they’d prefer to live another life after they die, rather their than existence simply ending.
  • When it comes to the afterlife, 25% believe in heaven or hell.
  • 16% think that after they die, they’ll exist in a “spiritual realm.”
  • Another 16% believe in reincarnation.
  • Many believe they’ll be reunited with their loved ones after their death, including 40% who believe they’ll be reunited with their dogs when they pass.

And these beliefs in the afterlife have led many people to try and connect with loved ones who have passed.

  • One in three people have tried to contact their dead loved ones.
  • 52% have tried to do so with help of a medium.
  • 33% have done so via prayer.
  • 18% have used a Ouija board.
  • 20% would be willing to pay more than $1,300 to talk to a dead relative.