Most of us will be celebrating our moms this weekend, and while we all know how wonderful and loving they are to us, how much do we really know about the lives our moms lead?

Well, according to a new survey, 89% of people actually say they know a lot about their mom’s life, but 72% of people would love to learn even more. What’s more, 67% of people say they wish they knew more about the life their mom lead before they were born.

When it comes to what we know about mom, 74% say they know where their mom grew up. Other things they know include:

  • Where she went to high school/college (60%)
  • The street she grew up on (50%)
  • Her first job (49%)
  • Her genealogy/ancestry (48%)

When it comes to things they don’t know, people say they’d like to learn things like what pets mom had as a kid, favorite subject in school, and what they wanted to be when they were a kid.

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