You know when your favorite team wins, you didn’t ACTUALLY contribute to that win, right?  Even if you wore your lucky socks or held your breath for the entire third quarter or whatever.

But . . . even though we have literally nothing to do with our team’s performance, we sure FEEL like we do.

According to a new study, when your favorite team wins a big game, it gives YOU a big boost of confidence . . . one that can last for two entire days.

But there’s also good news if your team loses:  That WON’T affect your self-esteem.

So basically, if your team wins, you feel great and some of that winning glow rubs off on you.

But if they lose, you can be like, “Who cares, I mean, I wasn’t the one playing, not my fault those bums lost” and just move on with your life.  That’s the essence of being a sports fan in a nutshell right there.



(New York Post)

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