While it’s very important to take care of yourself, a new survey finds that most people just don’t do it and the main reason may shock you.

A poll by Massage Envy finds that 80% of people say they wish they had more time for self-care, although 62% of people actually feel guilty taking care of themselves. Overall 52% of people say time is the main reason they don’t practice self-care, with a quarter of folks saying they practice self-care less than once a week.

But when folks do take care of themselves, what are they doing? Well, the most popular form of self-care is exercising (56%), followed by napping or sleeping (40%). Other popular forms of self-care include:

  • Time alone (38%)
  • Bath (38%)
  • Stretch/yoga (36%)
  • Meditation (36%)
  • Massage (36%)
  • Relaxing meal/drink (34%)
  • At home skin care (33%)
  • Reading (30%)

Source: SWNS Digital