Seems like one year into his new contract with the Lakers that LeBron James is exercising his option.

Relax, LA fans, it’s not with his contract with you guys, it’s actually not even a contract at all.

It’s just the option that was given to him late in the season by TNT analyst Charles Barkley.

Barkley made the tongue in cheek public plea for James to join the “Inside the NBA” crew for the playoffs last month in what was actually a little shot at LeBron after he had all but guaranteed the Lakers would miss the playoffs this season.

But it seems like LeBron would rather face a little music that face the thought of watching the playoffs at home on his couch.

As evidenced by King James’s tweet to Sir Charles yesterday:

“Sir Charles, I actually do have a ton going on but I may take you up on your offer. We shall see.”

James is a busy man, and if he wants to do it, TNT would have to work something out with James’ people. TNT would probably do it, though, since James doing any type of TV work for the playoffs would be a huge draw for the network and would attract a lot of hype.

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