(News/Talk 1480 WHBC) – The Stark County Humane Society is reminding people to leave their dogs at home when they head out to their local fireworks show.

“Everybody loves the 4th of July but it’s so loud and a dog’s hearing is so much better than a human’s and the fireworks scare them,” said Jackie Godbey, executive director of the Stark County Humane Society.

Godbey says don’t leave your dog tied up outside while you’re away enjoying the fireworks.

“If you’re not home and they’re outside they’re even more afraid because you’re not there to comfort them and they’ll run away out of fear.”

She says to bring your dogs inside during any fireworks and to put on some light music to help hide the sound of the fireworks.

Researchers say classical and reggae music have been shown to increase relaxation in dogs.

Godbey is encouraging all pet owners to make sure their pet has its current license and tags and is micro-chipped so it will be easier to reunite them with their owner in case they do run off after getting scared by the fireworks.

“This is one of our busiest times of the year because fireworks are so loud and pets don’t know how to react and run away,” Godbey said.

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