ELECTION 2023: City Winners

November 2023 City Candidates

Canton Mayor:
William Sherer II D

Canton Council at Large:
*James Babcock D
*Lou Giavasis D
Crystal Smith D

Canton Council Ward 2:
*Brenda Kimbrough D

Massillon Mayor:
Jamie Slutz R

Massillon Council President:
Mike Slater R

Massillon Auditor:
John Ferrero D

Massillon Council at Large (3 to elect):
Sarita Cunningham R
*Ted Herncane D
*Ed Lewis IV R

Massillon Council Ward 1:
*Mark Lombardi R

Massillon Council Ward 2:
Eric Ray D by 17 votes over *Aaron Violand R

Massillon Council Ward 3:
*Mike Gregg R

Massillon Council Ward 4:
*Jill Creamer D

Massillon Council Ward 5:
*Julie Harwig Smith R

Massillon Council Ward 6:
*Michael Snee R

North Canton Council Ward 3:
Melissa Owens

North Canton Council Ward 4:
*John Orr

Alliance Treasurer:
Jack Madison R

Louisville Council at Large (2 to elect):
Joan Aljancic
Mycha Mills

Canal Fulton Mayor:
*Joe Schultz

Canton Municipal Judge Jan 1 term:
Kristen Donahue Guardado

Canton Municipal Judge Jan 2 term:
*Curt Werren

Massillon Municipal Court Clerk:
*Johnnie Maier

Canton City Board of Education:
Kimberly Brown
Myra Watkins