“The Big Bang Theory” is ending its 12 season run with an hourlong finale on May 16. CBS made the announcement yesterday. Creator Chuck Lorre says he’s got to stop tearing up before he can flesh out what that finale will be. Lorre is honest when he says the end is tough. “These days there’s a lot of melancholy in the background at all times. It’s been a 12-year project that has been really just a joy. It’s going to be very, very sad to let it go.”

This season has seen a parade of favorite guest stars and the one person at the top of the bucket list, William Shatner, make appearances.

The show premiered in 2007 and the ensemble cast has been the key to its success. Jim Parsons opted out of returning for season 13, which is how the end was decided. There are seven new episodes to go…

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