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Free Ice Cream for Life? Guess the Mystery Flavor!

Girl holding three ice cream cones with chocolate and strawberry creams.

You Could Win Ice Cream For Life If You Guess Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor

There’s a new limited-edition ice cream flavor just announced from Turkey Hill, but the flavor is a “mystery.” Like, for real – it’s actually called ‘Mystery Flavor’ ice cream! What gives? It’s part of a contest, where…quite simply…if you can guess the flavor, you’ll will win a lifetime supply of Turkey Hill ice cream!
Interesting? Here’s how it all works:

  • Buy a pint at stores such as Weis, Stop & Shop, Giant, Schnucks and Wegmans (it costs around $4)
  • Take it home and taste it
  • Go to the Mystery Flavor Webpage or scan your pint’s QR code
  • Fill out the contact form and submit your guess!
  • And get this, it’s not just ‘one and done’ – you can submit one flavor guess per day through March 14th at 11:59pm ET.

But that’s not all – if you can’t pick up the product…you can still play the game. As in, you can take a wild guess by submitting the online form without actually buying the ice cream. Either way, the grand prize winner will be selected by a random drawing on March 15th and a second drawing with 56 winners will take place after that.

  • For the record…what is ice cream “for life?” It’s a little complicated. The winner will get one 48-ounce pint of Turkey Hill ice cream per calendar month for up to 50 years in the form of 60 coupons with a value of up to $359.40 for the first five years. After that, the winner gets a cash gift card payment for $3,500 to use for ice cream purchases (or anything else you want) for the next 45 years.
  • And if you’re not ‘the big winner?’ It still doesn’t suck. In fact, 10 first-prize winners will get free ice cream for a whole year, 15 second-prize winners will get free ice cream for six months and 30 third-prize winners will get free ice cream for three months.

SourceElite Daily

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