Free Ice Cream for Life? Guess the Mystery Flavor!

You Could Win Ice Cream For Life If You Guess Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor

There’s a new limited-edition ice cream flavor just announced from Turkey Hill, but the flavor is a “mystery.” Like, for real – it’s actually called ‘Mystery Flavor’ ice cream! What gives? It’s part of a contest, where…quite simply…if you can guess the flavor, you’ll will win a lifetime supply of Turkey Hill ice cream!
Interesting? Here’s how it all works:

  • Buy a pint at stores such as Weis, Stop & Shop, Giant, Schnucks and Wegmans (it costs around $4)
  • Take it home and taste it
  • Go to the Mystery Flavor Webpage or scan your pint’s QR code
  • Fill out the contact form and submit your guess!
  • And get this, it’s not just ‘one and done’ – you can submit one flavor guess per day through March 14th at 11:59pm ET.

But that’s not all – if you can’t pick up the product…you can still play the game. As in, you can take a wild guess by submitting the online form without actually buying the ice cream. Either way, the grand prize winner will be selected by a random drawing on March 15th and a second drawing with 56 winners will take place after that.

  • For the record…what is ice cream “for life?” It’s a little complicated. The winner will get one 48-ounce pint of Turkey Hill ice cream per calendar month for up to 50 years in the form of 60 coupons with a value of up to $359.40 for the first five years. After that, the winner gets a cash gift card payment for $3,500 to use for ice cream purchases (or anything else you want) for the next 45 years.
  • And if you’re not ‘the big winner?’ It still doesn’t suck. In fact, 10 first-prize winners will get free ice cream for a whole year, 15 second-prize winners will get free ice cream for six months and 30 third-prize winners will get free ice cream for three months.

SourceElite Daily