DAYTON (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – A few days ago, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine faced chants to the tune of “do something”. Now he is showing those chants were heard loud and clear. Earlier today, Governor DeWine announced that the Dayton Children’s Hospital will host a summit in September to discuss the mental health needs of children.

The event will be called “Building Resiliency” and will aim to help communities support the mental health needs of children. It will will feature hands on education from experts in mental health, health care education, and other fields and will be open to adults across the state of Ohio who are involved in the lives of children.

This includes parents, coaches, school personnel, counselors and health care professionals. Those in attendance will learn how to spot and address signs of trauma in children.

“We know that children who face this type of turmoil have increased risk of depression and other mental illness, poor health, and decreased life expectancy,” said Governor DeWine. “Fortunately, there are proven ways to help. Parents, teachers, and coaches can play a critical supportive role in helping build resiliency in children and reducing the negative impact of trauma. This summit will give members of the community tools to provide brighter outcomes for our children.”