COLUMBUS (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – This afternoon, along side about 50 police officers, paramedics, doctors and other lawmakers, Governor Mike DeWine outlined the specifics of his plan aimed at reducing gun violence.

The STRONG Ohio Bill, which is sponsored by Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chargin Falls) is part of the Governors strong Ohio violence prevention plan.

The plan includes the following:

  • Authorize doctors to keep people suffering from severe mental health condition for up to 72 hours in cases where there are safety concerns. Allows doctors to petition probate court to request court-ordered treatment
  • Ensure Ohio citizens have full due process rights in probate court proceedings.
  • Bars those declared to be a danger to themselves and others from having access to firearms. Those declared as such have the option to give them to a family member in a different household or sell them to a license dealer.
  • Family members have option to petition for court-ordered treatment.
  • Requires courts to submit final protection orders into LEADS and NCIC for stalking, domestic violence and sexual assault within 48 hours.
  • Requires arrest warrants for serious crimes to be submitted to LEADS within 48 hours.
  • Creates optional private sale background check process.
  • Creates safe legal harbor for private sellers who require background checks.
  • Enhances penalties for selling gun to someone who is legally prohibited. Currently 18 months in prison, expands to 3 years.
  • Gives judges the option to impose longer sentences for gun specifications.
  • Increases penalties for possessing weapons under disability.
  • Increased penalty for improperly furnishing firearms to a minor.
  • Increased penalty for straw purchases.

The bill does not include a Red Flag law or universal background checks on all gun sales including private sales; two things that DeWine had previously expressed a need for.

Instead of a Red Flag law, the Governor said he will peruse something just short of that known as “pink slip” laws, giving courts the power to take guns from those who where already prohibited to have them.

Additionally, the bill will not force background checks on private gun sales. It will instead make such checks voluntary. However, if the seller wishes to do so, legislation is being put into place that would put up some money to help make the process more efficient.