Happy Birthday America!  WHBC News Special for the 4th of July Holiday
The Brian Kilmeade Show: Education in America
America seems more divided than ever, but could that be because of the lack of adequate teaching of civics and history in our schools?!  Are we failing our kids by not teaching them their rights and duties to be a citizen of the best country in the world or has that been the grand plan all along? Host Brian Kilmeade sits down with Academy Award-winning Actor – and more importantly civics education advocate – Richard Dreyfuss, along with Fox’s Pete Hegseth & his Co-Author of “Battle for the American Mind” David Goodwin.
FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla: The Politics of Comedy
This Fourth of July we celebrate 247 years of the United States, and FOX Across America is highlighting America’s oldest tradition… Comedy! This Independence Day join FOX Across America Host Jimmy Failla as he explores The Politics Of Comedy and the war on free speech, through insightful interviews and weighing in himself on what makes the Left tick.
FOX News Rundown: America’s Crime Crisis
The FOX News Rundown: America’s Crime Crisis 4th of July Special investigates our country’s crime epidemic, its root causes, and the impact it’s having on Americans daily lives. The FOX News Rundown hosts speak with law enforcement, policymakers, and those directly affected by the violence on what works and what does not when it comes to keeping America’s streets and families safe.