Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What’s the one Thanksgiving food you HAVE to have on Thanksgiving?  And if it wasn’t on the table, you’d die a little inside?  A survey asked people which foods they typically eat on Thanksgiving.

Here are the top ten, and how many of us expect to eat them this Thursday . . .

1.  Turkey, 86%.  Obviously that has to be number one.

2.  Mashed potatoes, 82%.

3.  Stuffing, 77%.

4.  Bread rolls, 76%.

5.  Pumpkin pie, 62%.  So 38% of us DON’T eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

6.  Green beans, 61%.

7.  Cranberry sauce, 60%.

8.  Yams or sweet potatoes, also 60%.

9.  Apple pie, 42%.

10.  Pecan pie, 31%.



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