A random check on the aftermath of April 1 Fools Day pranks showed two constants:  1. Celebrity pranks are now lamer than ever.  2. Thankfully, many businesses have stepped up their game.

Celebrity Prank Fail 1:

Dr. Phil pretended he was going to shave his mustache.  Ehh.

Celebrity Prank Fail #2

Justin Bieber thought it would be hilarious if he showed a sonogram — you know…thinking everyone would believe he was going to be a father with recent bride Hailey Baldwin.  ehhh.


Katey Couris announcing she was returning to the “Today Show” because “America is in desperate need of a sweetheart.”

That’s as crazy as it gets in politically correct Hollywood these days.

At least some corporate marketing folks had a few original zingers:

Like Jagermeister announcing the  “Jagerbong” . . . a gift box that helps you turn an old Jagermeister bottle into a bong.

Or, Tinder’s new  “height verification” feature that they previewed for a couple of days:  Tinder.

Or, KFC, which Chicken-flavored ice cream , with bits of candied chicken skin in a sweet cornbread cone.  Yucky — but funny.

McDonalds got in a Twitter-storm when they posted a picture of the McPickle sandwich.  It’s backfiring, as someone figured out you could actually order one.

My favorite is Honda of Canada.  Leave it to the uderstated Canadians to announce the new “polite Horn”   https://youtu.be/Neie1C-nhK4

Well, the good news is that not everyone has lost their sense of humor today.

But, I’m not sure we haven’t jumped the precipice.  I’ll check back next year — If I’m allowed to.