• A Kentucky Taco Bell has come under fire after employees kicked out a woman and a group of homeless people she was treating to dinner.
  • The incident happened earlier this week after Louisville resident Shannon Gridley decided to do a good deed by bringing nearly 20 homeless people to a local Taco Bell. She says she was immediately met with hostility. “I held up my credit card and said, ‘All these people are going to order everything they want, and I’m paying for it,'” she says, adding that one of the employees then told the order-taker to “bag it all to go.” After dropping more than $100 on the food, the group sat down and began eating — only to be told at 7:45 p.m. that the dining room was closed. Gridley notes the posted closing time is 9 p.m.
  • Taco Bell has issued an apology for the incident, saying it’s “committed to creating a space that’s welcoming and safe for all people.”
  • Is it OK for a business owner to kick someone out if that person is preventing other customers from coming in? Should Taco Bell do more than just issue an apology?

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