Holiday Weekend filled with Protests and Angst over Shooting of Jayland Walker



The city of Akron is now under a curfew after days of protests in the death of Jayland Walker almost a week ago.

Police yesterday released the bodycam footage of the night Walker was killed and told a press conference the Summit County Medical Examiner is still working on the autopsy.  What the coroner has said is tht Walker suffered atleast 60 wounds.  It is not yet known how many times he was actually shot, some of those wounds according to police may be exit wounds.

The officers involved in the case are on administrative leave and their names have not been released.

The protests have been mostly non-violent until Sunday night when some Akron businesses saw damage to their storefronts and windows were broken.

Statments were issued from several groups over the holiday weekend as well:


BCI Investigates Officer-Involved Shooting in Akron

(AKRON, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today issued the following statement regarding a fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred in Akron this week:

“People want and deserve answers, and they shall have them. BCI will conduct a complete, fair and expert investigation,” Yost said. “Body-worn camera footage is just one view of the whole picture – before drawing conclusions, the full review must take place.”

Yost noted that the investigative file will be made public at the conclusion of the case, a practice his office began last year. People who are interested can review the results of prior OICI investigations on the Attorney General’s website.

Yost said there may be additional civilian witnesses and urged them to talk to BCI investigators by calling 855-BCI-OHIO (855-224-6446) or by filing a tip online.

“The goal is the truth, and we need to talk to anyone who knows anything. Silence will never produce justice.”


                           The Black Elected Officials of Summit County Demands De-escalation Response and Renews Calls for Peaceful Protesting in Response to Police Killing Jayland Walker

Akron, OH – The Black Elected Officials of Summit County (BEOSC) continue to request peace for our  entire city. The family of Jayland Walker has requested that the community respond by respecting
Jayland’s life and we should honor their requests. Every person who is affected by Jayland’s death should have an opportunity to speak their mind, as is their First Amendment right, without fear of retaliation or harm.
During these moments of heightened tension, we ask that the Mayor direct law enforcement to prioritize de-escalation tactics while considering crowd control and protest monitoring. Simply put, the response should be de-escalation, not militarization.   This community needs a lot of things at this moment, but we do not need the National Guard. Such a move will only further escalate an already tense situation and foster additional mistrust in a system that far too many believe has failed them. We need decision-making that is thoughtful, considerate, and led with compassion in these defining moments. We need real solutions and real answers and we are committed to ensuring that we have a substantive policy and systemic change in the days and weeks ahead. But this doesn’t not happen without the support of the community who needs time to grieve and
express their pain.  The BEOSC demands Mayor Horrigan to utilize local resources, if additional support is needed. We do not need the National Guard.



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