If you want to be your boss’s FAVORITE employee, don’t just suck up to them.  It’s too transparent and obvious.  Here are four subtle ways to stand out . . .

1.  “Manage up.”  If you’ve never heard the term, it’s all about managing the people ABOVE you, and finding ways to help them succeed.  Because if they do, you will too.

2.  Say thanks more often.  Even when they say you did something wrong.  A study in 2011 found that expressing gratitude for your boss’s feedback . . . even if it’s negative . . . will make them feel warmer toward you.

3.  Get to work early.  People who show up early tend to be seen as more competent.  But if your boss is flexible with work hours, here’s a tip:  Tell them you like starting later, because it makes you more productive. Studies have found that framing it that way makes you look better than admitting it helps you work around your personal life, or family obligations.

4.  Solve problems on your own.  Show some initiative, and only bring stuff to your boss if you really can’t figure it out.  And even then, try to have some solutions in mind, so they don’t have to come up with them.