How messy are you? And are you the messiest person in your home?

Remember the episode of “Friends” when Chandler finds Monica’s closet full of junk?  Well, apparently that’s all of us . . .

Four out of five Americans have at least one spot in their home that’s always a mess, according to a new poll.  And the average is THREE spots.  Here are a few more stats on our cleaning habits, or lack thereof . . .

1.  Our most common messy spots include closets, garages, basements, “man caves,” and anywhere your kids spend time.

2.  88% of us have a “junk drawer.”  And a third of us didn’t start one on purpose, it just sort of happened.  The most common junk drawer items are pens, notepads, batteries, tape, tools, scissors, pencils, screws, nails, and rubber bands.

3.  Half of us have a “laundry chair” or some other surface where laundry piles up.  38% have a pile of papers sitting around that need to be sorted.  And 1 in 4 have a “junk bowl” full of random stuff, like extra keys.

4.  62% of Americans currently have a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags somewhere in their home.

5.  1 in 5 people say a specific person in their family causes most of the messes.  23% of women said yes to that one . . . only 13% of men think it’s true.



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