A new survey looked at how much the average person would save if they NEVER bought snacks.  And over the course of your life, it adds up to almost 30 GRAND.

Researchers found the average American spends $9.22 a week on snacks, which seems like a pretty conservative estimate to us.

That adds up to $479.44 a year . . . or $28,766 over the course of your entire adult life.

The survey also looked at our snacking preferences, and found sweet snacks are slightly more popular than salty.  37% of people said they prefer sweet stuff, compared to 34% who said salty.  Apparently the other 29% were split.

The survey also asked people about weird food PAIRINGS they’d like to try.  And the #1 vote-getter was French fries with mayo . . . 48% would try it.

The top strange food pairings we’d like to try also include steak with ketchup, 36% . . . cheddar cheese on apple pie, 21% . . . tuna salad with hot sauce, 15% . . . and chocolate on pizza, 14%.

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