The average NFL fan dedicates 46 hours a month to their team, according to a new survey.  And that doesn’t even include time spent watching games.


That’s just the amount of time we spend “thinking, talking, or reading” about our favorite team each month. So, about one-and-a-half hours a day, on average.  

It only seems that your next-door-neighbor Pittsburgh Steeler fan talks about it without stopping…..

Back to the story:   Here are five more stats from the survey .


1.  84% of fans say they drop everything when their team is playing, so they can just focus on the game.


2.  79% of fans have rooted for the same team since they were a kid.


3.  41% have watched every single one of their team’s games this year.


4.  The top 5 “life moments” we’ve missed to watch football are a birthday party . . . a holiday event . . . church . . . school or work . . . and an anniversary.


5.  Here’s how blindly confident we all are:  75% of all NFL fans feel confident their team will win the Super Bowl next year.