Editor Gary Rivers noteBefore I start the story, let me get the joke out of the way.

Yes, I know I have a face for radio.

Now…..Isn’t it about time good looking people caught a break?

According to a new study, attractive people are almost six times more likely to get a job interview than someone who’s just as qualified . . . but not as good looking.

For the study, researchers sent in applications to a bunch of different jobs and they included pictures . . . sometimes it was a good looking person, sometimes it was a less attractive person.

They found that the attractive people received interviews at one out of every six jobs they applied for.  The less attractive people with the same qualifications?  One out of THIRTY-THREE.

And that difference was worse for women than men.  Attractive men received five times more interviews than less attractive men . . . attractive women received eight times more interviews than less attractive women.

(PR Newswire)