If you miss “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” you might be happy to hear that the talk show queen is considering a reboot.

While promoting “The Path Made Clear,” Oprah Winfrey teased the idea of returning. “I would love to make that happen, let me tell you. But maybe not every day. For 25 years, it was perfect.” she said. “The only time I missed it was during the election or when something really big happens in the news. I think, ‘Oh gee, I wish I had a show.’”

The best-selling author then recalled her first ever “aha” before taking on the television gig. “My path became clear the moment, I remember it actually, when I flew into Chicago. I thought, ‘If the show isn’t successful, then I’m going to go into advertising or I’m gonna do something else.’ I remember thinking, ‘I’m gonna find a way to make this my home”

She probably won’t be giving everyone a car!


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