It’s been HOW long?

As a  young 26-year old news reporter looking for a dream job where news is king — I walked into the studios of 1480 WHBC.  I knew of the heritage and news tradition and was proud to become a cog in the wheel.  And now, 29 years later, I still feel that same pride when I walk into 550 Market Avenue South every morning.  I always say “I’m just carrying the torch”.  This radio station is rare and unlike most others in the country.  It’s not about the individuals, it’s about upholding the tradition and serving the community.  It will stand long after all of us are gone.  So many things have changed since I started here:  from splicing tape to digital recordings, lugging a big cassette record to recording on my phone and much more.  Social media has changed everything but that’s what makes it so much fun.  It’s evolved and so have I.  Do I long for the good, old days sometimes? Who doesn’t!  But I am still VERY PROUD of the local product we offer our listeners and I thank all of you for being there every day!




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