(WHBC) – Potholes seem to growing like weeds lately.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says potholes are getting particularly bad now because weekend temps were in the 50s, following a sub-zero dive last week.

That drastic change in temperatures leads to a freeze-thaw cycle which promotes cracks in the pavement that eventually become broken asphalt, and then giant holes.

ODOT and local crews have been working to fill those holes, as weather permits.

Already this winter, ODOT says it has used 2,574 tons of asphalt to repair potholes.

That’s up from 1,892 tons at the same time last year.

Crews have spent more than 39,000 hours – equivalent to 70 years – patching potholes this winter.

You can report potholes when you come across one, and you may be eligible for compensation if your vehicle is damaged.

Ohio Department of Transportation