Jon Bozeka’s By The Numbers Breakdown Of The Cavs Finals Loss

The Golden State Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals last night by winning Game 5 of the series 129-120. This morning on Facebook, I broke down the NBA Finals by the numbers. Here is what I came up with. Let’s start by comparing each team’s starting 5.

Point Guard:
Stephen Curry: 26.8p, 8r, 9.4a, 44% FG
Kyrie Irving: 29.4p, 4r, 4.4a, 47% FG

Shooting Guard:
Klay Thompson: 16.4p, 4.8r, 2.2a, 42.9% FG
JR Smith: 11.8p, 1.6r, 54% FG, 58% 3-PT

Small Forward:
Kevin Durant: 35.2p, 8.4r, 5.4a, 55.6% FG
LeBron James: 33.6p, 12r, 10a, 56.4% FG

Power Forward:
Draymond Green: 11p, 10.2r, 4.8a, 34.5% FG
Kevin Love: 16p. 11.2r, 1a, 2.2s, 38.8% FG

Zaza Pachulia: 3.2p, 2.8r, 53.8% FG
Tristan Thompson: 5.6p, 5.8r, 2.6a, 54.5% FG

The Cavs lost the series 4-1, they were outscored by a total of 608-574. The Cavs bench was outscored 145-92. That’s an average of 29-18.4 in favor of Dubs off of the bench. The Cavs starters actually outscored the Warriors starters in the series 482-463, that means the wine and gold 5 were beating the GSW 5 on average by a score of 96.4-92.6 each night. The Warriors averaged 121.6 total points per game, the Cavs were at 114.8. Both teams shot 38.2% from 3. The Cavs had just 108 assists to the Warriors total of 147. Golden State also out rebounded the Cavs 229-218, despite the fact that the Cavs had the two leading rebounders in the series (LeBron Jame and Kevin Love). Kevin Love was actually the league’s leading rebounder in the postseason. Here’s the big difference in the Warriors bench play, as aforementioned, their bench was dominant in this series. The first 3 players off of the bench for Golden State were very efficient as Andre Iguodala, David West and Shaun Livingston all shot better than 52% from the field. The Cavs did not see the same type of production from their bench, Richard Jefferson shot 44.4%, Kyle Korver shot 36.8%, just 31.8% from 3-pt, Iman Shumpert made 23.5% of his attempted shots and Deron Williams shot just 12.5%. Golden State also took advantage of their solid free-throw shooting, 82% from the charity line, compared to 74.8% for the Cavs. The Warriors had 1 more turnover than the Cavs (67-66). The numbers really do not lie, the Cavs starters were pretty fantastic throughout the 5 game series. The Cavs lacked bench play and ultimately it was their downfall this season.



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