People are weird at the airport.  Why do people get dressed up at the airport?  The planes are filthy.  Why would you wear sweats on an airplane?  Jeans are the appropriate fashion.  You got to have pockets for the essentials, even though TSA makes you empty everything.

Don’t wear OSU gear on the flight unless you are willing to dole out “I-O” to every “O-H!”

Water is $2.69 at the airport, but you can bring your own if it’s 3 oz. or less.  I’d like to bring Tito’s next time.

Why do we get punished with a huge storm every time we come home from Arizona?

So, now we’re checked in and we wait at the gate!  Gonna be a long flight.  Everyone is sooooo busy on their devices.  YouTube stock and video game sales must be through the roof!

I’m ready for home!

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