Just a mini head scratch”er” today

A big sigh of relief or a pat on the back. I choose the latter. I for one will NEVER question or headscratch at the decision(s) of Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona again. The proof is in the pudding, folks. This has more to do with than just starting Trevor Bauer over Ace pitcher Corey Kluber in game 1 of the ALDS. By now of course, we all know how the game ended but what about the stones to start Jason Kipnis in center field? The catch he made in the top of the 3rd on Chase Headley was an instant classic and most likely saved a double. No time to go over all the details of game 1, number 2 is in just a few short hours. So whoever is in the lineup, whoever is pitching, whoever is selling cotton candy, whoever the BAT BOY is, I’m ok with it! Roll Tribe! 1 down & 10 to go!

Kenny & JT show is on the road again today at Perry High School, leading in to the Aultcare Stadium Show at 6. If you’re going to the game, please stop & say hi. Plenty of great High School games tonight. find them all listed here at WHBC.com. Whoever you cheer for, please do it respectfully & be safe this weekend.

I’ll be heading to Columbus in the morning to host the O-zone tailgate party prior to the OSU game. It’s Homecoming weekend in Cbus. This is what many of you will recall as the old “Heinygate” party. It gets underway at 11am at 364 W. Lane Ave. Live entertainment with the band LDNL plus food trucks & of course libations as well.

Gotta run, duty calls!  JT



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