How to keep Your Kids Safe on their Smartphones!

Internet safety

doctor bennettDr. Tracy Bennett is clinical psychologist who created in response to the serious issues she was seeing in her office —because parents just weren’t knowledgeable on the dangers to kids lurking on the internet.

As a guest on the Gary Rivers show, she is sharing the challenges that she faced while raising three kids.

Her Story
“After successfully developing and employing a sensible Internet safety system at home and then offering it to parents in my practice, I decided to reach more parents on the web. My passion is spending time in the beautiful chaos of my busy home and working with parents and kids to build a more loving and trusting alliance.”, she said. prevents problems rather than trying to repair the damage once it’s been done. Make sure you sign up for the free article “3 Powerfully Effective Ways to Get Your Kids Internet Safe” in the blue box on your right. You won’t want to miss that! I look forward to getting to know you



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