If the Rams are going to defeat the Patriots and win Super Bowl 53 they must do most, if not all of these things to come away victorious:

1) Rush four, drop seven and get pressure up the middle on Tom Brady with your defensive linemen. If you try and blitz Brady often, he will pick you apart, so you must be able to create pressure with four linemen. Brady likes to step up in the pocket with the pressure on the outside of him, so bring the heat up the middle and even if you don’t sack him you’re taking away a strength of his his. Also hit Brady as often as you can, and even take a penalty or three if you have to, for hitting him late. This lets the 41 year old quarterback know you’re there and you’re willing to be penalized just to inflict a few good hits on him.

2) Play as much aggressive, man-to-man, bump and run coverage as possible. Find out how physical the officials will let you be and then push the envelope a little. The goal is to slow down the receivers at the line of scrimmage and disrupt the timing in the passing game which is so important to Brady and the Pats.

3) Score touchdowns not field goals! Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke about this as part of his game plan last year when Philadelphia beat New England in Super Bowl 52. His theory was, the Patriots are too good, and if you settle for field goals they’ll score touchdowns and you’ll come out on the short end. Pederson backed up his game plan with the “Philly Special” and the rest as they say is history!

4) Control the FIPS! What are the FIPS? It stands for: Fumbles, Interceptions and Penalties. In other words, limit your mental and physical mistakes, win the turnover battle and your chances of winning the game increase dramatically.

5) Make the big play on offense and don’t give up the big play on defense. Big plays change the momentum of a game and affect the way the team plays from that point forward.

6) Score before halftime and at the end of the game. This is something New England does on a regular basis and again it creates momentum going into to halftime and can win you the game in the end. Also if you can score right before the half and you get the ball to start the second half, you’re doubling up your points and keeping your defense of the field!

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