10- The weather people were right, as Winter Storm Harper was devastating, as we got at least 16 inches in Medina!
9- Hot chocolate tastes great after 2 straight hours of shoveling snow.
8- The Cavs still stink and that’s good! (See #3 below)
7- Is it just me or do the Patriots get all the questionable calls from the officials?
6- The way the Saints had their seasons end the last 2 years, a missed interception/pass breakup that the Vikings won the game on last year and a blown call by the officials/57 yard field goal this year are devastating ways to lose!
5- Speaking of officiating, the blown pass interference non-call in the Saints/Rams game is one of the good not the worst calls in NFL playoff history!
4- Officiating in all sports is at an all-time worst right now!
3- Zion Williamson continues to show why he will be the number #1 pick in the NBA Draft this summer and hopefully it’s by the Cavs who continue to be horrific!
2- Bill Belichick and Tom Brady continue to show why they are the greatest of all time at their positions and it angers me because I can’t stand either one!!
1- The Patriots will win Super Bowl 53 because they are not playing a team from the NFC East and they have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady!

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