Leaded Steel Production at Republic for One Year Without Exceeding Air Standards

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Republic Steel has been making leaded steel at its Canton plant for nearly a year now without a major interruption.

That wasn’t the case before, when violations of lead content in the nearby air forced shutdown of production.

Canton Public Health Air Pollution Control Director Terri Dzienis says the 8th Street NE company put measures in place to prevent violations.

Also, the standards have changed, with implementation of a new air monitor at Georgetown Road NE and Marietta Avenue.

These are the new standards, which would lead to a shutdown of leaded steel production if the standard is exceeded:

– .45 micrograms of lead per cubic meter on average from both monitors for a one month period.

– .24 micrograms of lead per cubic meter on average from the new Community Monitor at Georgetwon Road NE and Marietta Avenue for a one month period.

The monitors take readings 15 days each month, at random.