STEPH CURRY of the Golden State Warriors did a Q&A with DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, who’s the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an advisor to President Trump.

Steph spent 28 minutes asking him some common questions we all have, and posted the conversation on social media.

Here are five highlights:

1.  Is it really more serious than the flu?  Fauci said it’s shown to be “10 times” worse than influenza . . . both because it’s “very, very much more transmissible,” and because of its “significantly more serious” death rate.  (Obviously, this is the first time we’ve encountered COVID-19, so the data is always in flux.)

2.  What’s the deal with the lack of testing?  Quote, “That’s been a real issue.  Several weeks ago we were not in a place we wanted to be.  Right now there are literally hundreds of thousands of tests out there . . . mostly because we got the private sector involved.”

3.  Can you get COVID-19 a second time?  “We haven’t done the specific testing to determine that.  But if it acts like every virus similar to it . . . the chances are overwhelming that if you get infected, and recover from infection, that you are not going to get infected with the same virus.”

4.  What about the vaccine?  Fauci explained why it would take about 12 to 18 months for a vaccine, and so it won’t be useful during the first wave, but it WILL be an immense help when the virus comes back around, possibly next year.

5.  Wait.  It’s coming back?  Quote, “I think it’s going to [cycle back for another season].  This virus is very, very transmissible and we’re seeing it throughout the world.  I cannot imagine it’s just going to disappear.”

That said, Fauci thinks that if we do this right, we’ll be able to stamp it out when it resurfaces.  Quote, “We’ll immediately be able to identify, isolate, and contact trace. If you do that effectively . . . you contain it at a very low level.”



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