Lookin’ for Love Too: Mating Time for Skunks

AKRON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Love is in the air on this Valentine’s Day.

Wait a minute, maybe that’s a skunk you’re smelling.

As it turns out, the one small animal you don’t want to run into may be the biggest romantic of all.

Valentine’s Day ends up being the peak breeding time for skunks.

So their intention isn’t to force you into a tomato juice bath.

They’re just lookin’ for love!

And ODNR Wildlife Research Technician Laurie Brown has this advice to avoid “encounters” with your pets: when you take the dogs out at night, turn on the lights, make noise, and avoid shrubbery.

Also, skunks are beneficial to humans.

They like to dig up grubs in the yard.