Looking for Love over 50?  Here’s what you should look for!

Searching for love isn’t something reserved just for young folks. In fact, a new survey finds there are plenty of older Americans still looking for “the one,” but what they’re looking for has changed over the years.

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Because Market,  Americans over the age of 50 said :

  • 25% have gone on a date with a new potential partner.
  • 30% would actually be willing to go on a dating show for seniors to find love.
  • Half say meeting someone through a friend is the best way to find love, while 43% have tried online dating.
  • 20% of those over 50 feel like they are currently in their sexual prime.
  • But 40% say they are more nervous to date now than they were when they were younger.

When it comes to what folks over 50 are looking for in a mate, their criteria has certainly changed from when they were young.

  • While 75% say when they were younger physical attraction was the most important thing, now 79% say kindness is most important.
  • Other top qualities those 50 and over are looking for include:
    • Personality (67%)
    • Politeness (62%)
    • Sense of humor (59%)
    • Physical attractiveness (46%)
    • Family values (45%)
    • Relationship with family (42%)
    • Amount of income (29%)
  • When they were younger, after physical attractiveness, the most important qualities were:
    • Personality (60%)
    • Kindness (53%)
    • Sense of humor (50%)
    • Politeness (43%)
    • Physical fitness (33%)
    • Family values (26%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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