Lose Weight with Beans?

A Woman Lost Weight by Exercising with Two Cans of Baked Beans


A 30-year-old woman in England wanted to lose weight without spending a ton of money.  So she started working out to a DVD, and used two cans of BAKED BEANS instead of weights.  In the first few months, she lost 30 pounds.  Then she joined a gym, and went from 225 pounds to about 125 in less than a year.

Her name is Hollie Nolan who got up to about 225 pounds after she had her second kid.  She wanted to get in shape, but didn’t have a lot of money to spend.  So she started eating healthy . . . running three miles, three times a week . . . and working out to an exercise tape twice a day.  She was supposed to buy hand-weights to use with the exercise tape, so she’d burn more calories.  But she didn’t want to spend the money.  So instead of weights, she used two cans of BAKED BEANS.  And in a few months, she lost almost 30 POUNDS.

At that point, she felt like she was in good enough shape to amp things up.  And when you’re not buying junk food, you save a lot of money.

So she joined a gym, and lost another 70 POUNDS.  So almost 100 pounds in less than a year.  And it all started by working out with two cans of beans.



(NY Post)




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