Lots of Options in Senate Sports Gaming Bill, Introduced Thursday

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – State Senator Kirk Schuring introduced a bill Thursday that once debated and passed, will bring sports gaming to Ohio.

There will be essentially two types of betting.

20 licenses will be issued to facilities that can “bank a bet”, like the state’s 11 casinos and racinos.

That would be done online.

And another 20 would be for businesses providing a brick and mortar facility for proposition betting and such.

Schuring says the state’s sports franchises may be interested in that.

The 40 licenses would cost a million dollars and be good for three years.

10-percent of revenue would go to the state, with much of that money going to schools.

The Casino Control Commission runs those operations, but the Lottery Commission is part of gaming in Ohio as well, offering simple $20 wagers through existing retailers.

And the Ohio Attorney General will oversee E-Bingo for veterans and other fraternal benefit organizations.

Here is a portion of the media release on Senate Bill 176:

On-Line Sports Wagers and Brick and Mortar Wagering

  • The state will offer 20 licenses for mobile app on-line gaming and 20 licenses for brick and mortar sports gaming.
  • Licenses cost $1 million and are good for 3 years
  • First come first serve
  • Casino Control Commission has oversight authority


  • The bill allows for a sports wager system through Ohio Lottery retailers
    $20 wagers
  • Winnings are divided from losing wagers, much like the lottery
  • Ohio Lottery has oversight authority

Charitable Gaming, Electronic Bingo

  • Allows E-Bingo to become available to charitable organizations
  • Ohio Attorney General’s office maintains oversight authority
  • E-Bingo machines will be authorized by Casino Control to make sure they are not slot machines.

Tax Structure

  • Ohio will receive 10% from Net Revenue of these operations
  • Revenue is directed toward public and private education
  • 2% is directed toward gambling addiction and problem gaming