MLB’s Most Valuable Franchises & More!

The Cavaliers were crushed by 39 points last night 114-75 at Utah. It’s not the franchise’s worst loss, that happened in 2011, a 55 point loss to the Lakers 112-57.

The NBA announced yesterday that this year’s NBA Draft will be held on July 29, while the draft lottery will be on June 22 and the draft combine will take place from June 21-27.

Wrestling fans around the world recently celebrated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Day on 3/16. 25 years after he coined “Austin 3:16” during a promo addressing Jake “The Snake Roberts. In the promo, Austin uttered the iconic catchphrase, “Austin 3:16 says, I just whipped your a**” – a play on “John 3:16” from the Bible. It helped define [his] entire career. Austin, retired from wrestling in 2003 says he’s “so grateful” that they’re keeping it going. He is now the host of his own TV show on USA Network called “Straight Up” Steve Austin check listings for times & dates.

Sharon Osbourne is apparently walking away from “The Talk” with a lot of money. Apparently a mid controversy that included comments about the Royals, we’re not talking baseball. She’s basically leaving “The Talk” on CBS amid the controversy. “Page Six” reports Osbourne got a big payout between $5-to-10-million – ”minimum.”

Pop Tarts has announced the introduction three new flavors:

  • Banana Crème Pie – available in a pack of 16 for $3.68
  • Peach Cobbler – available in a pack of 8 for $2.89
  • Lemon Crème Pie – also available in a pack of 8 for $2.89
  • These new flavors debut in June 2021.

Forbes 2021 list of the most valuable baseball franchises is out. To no one’s surprise, the New York Yankees tops the list. The only team not worth $1 billion is the Miami Marlins.

Top MLB franchises are:

  • New York Yankees – $5.25 billion (up 5% from last year)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – $3.57 billion (up 5%)
  • Boston Red Sox – $3.465 billion (up 5%)
  • Chicago Cubs – $3.36 billion (up 5%)
  • San Francisco Giants – $3.175 billion (up 2%)

5 spots below the Cleveland Indians at $1.160 Billion are the Miami Marlins, valued at just $990 million.

An absence of fans at ballparks and an unusually short 60-game schedule in 2020 led to big losses for the sport. All told, MLB’s 30 teams lost $1.8 billion, versus a profit of $1.5 billion in 2019. 

It sounds impossible, but over the weekend a 54-year-old Croatian man broke his own world record for holding your breath underwater by doing so for a mind-boggling 24 minutes and 33 seconds. This begs the question, If you already held the world record, why would you keep doing this?


Major League Baseball season starts this week. Here is a list of 20 players nicknames. Which are real or fake

  1. MR SMILE YES – Francisco Lindor ( LIN-DOOR) – The NY Mets




  1. EL MAGO YES ( It means the magician ) – JAVIER BAEZ ( BY-EZ) The Chicago Cubs




  1. CHILDISH BAMBINO YES – Juan Soto – The Washington Nationals


  1. THE KRAKEN YES – Gary Sanchez – The NY Yankess




  1. EL NINO YES – (It means The Kid) – Fernando Tatis ( Tah-teece) The San Diego Padres


  1. POLAR BEAR YES – Pete Alonso (Uh-lonzo) – The NY Mets


  1. LA PALOMA NO ( It means The Pidgeon)


Today is Tuesday March 30th

On this date in sports history 

Birth of triple crown winner & one of the greatest athletes of all time. Secreteriat. triple crown winner (1973).

Celebrity Birthdays 

  • Eric Clapton is 76 aka “Slowhand” 
  • Celine Dion is 53 (FAST FACT: She’s sold more than 200-million albums)
  • MC Hammer is 59 (his given name, Stanley Kirk Burrell)