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The presidential election isn’t until 2024, but it looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a jump on the competition. According to a poll of potential voters, he was the presidential preference of 46 percent of the over 30-thousand surveyed.  Angelina Jolie was next to lead the free world with 30 percent, with Oprah Winfrey picking up 27 percent. Tom Hanks pulled 22 percent.

A handwritten letter by Babe Ruth has sold for more than 200-thousand. It was sent to his mistress, in 1922. In it, he’s apologizing for not being able to see her – as his wife and the ball club were ‘watching’ him. The letter was sold at the SCP Auction house in southern California. 

Alvin Kamara of the Saints has revealled that he’s yet to spend one dime of his rookie contract or his $75 million contract extension money. Instead, he’s been able to live strictly off his endorsement cash. He says it all goes back to how he lived as a kid with his mom and learning to appreciate “the value of a dollar.”

Remember the official that passed out during the Gonzaga – USC game during the NCAA Tournament? Turns out, he’s 56 year old Bert Smith who officiates no less than 90 games per year. Apparently he went down because he had a blood clot in his lung & it may have saved his life. He was put on blood thinners. Two days later, clot gone, he was discharged. 

O.J. Simpson and a Las Vegas hotel-casino “The Cosmopolitan have settled a lawsuit alleging that unnamed employees defamed him by telling a celebrity news site he had been banned from the property in November 2017 for being drunk and disruptive. Apparently ”The matter has been resolved,” Simpson’s attorney said. A spokeswoman for the Cosmopolitan declined immediate comment.

Umpires at Wednesday’s Athletics-Los Angeles Dodgers game reportedly removed a ball from the field, following Trevor Bauer’s first inning of work. Bauer, has publicly challenged MLB and commissioner Rob Manfred repeatedly throughout the years.  Bauer said, “It’s only illegal for pitchers to have ‘foreign substance’ on their person, their body or whatever, It’s not illegal for a catcher or his chest protector, as you’ve seen. It’s not illegal for a third baseman to have it on his glove or a center fielder to have it on his glove — so far as I know, maybe there’s a rule change or some language — as far as I know the rules of baseball, it is legal for those guys to have stuff on their glove. My question is, if I throw a pitch and it gets thrown out and then gets tested and has a foreign substance on it, how do they know it came from me and not from the catcher’s glove or the third baseman’s glove?”

Pro Football Hall of Famer,John Madden turns 85 tomorrow. Madden coached 10 seasons in the league, his regular season record, 103-32-7 and had NO losing seasons.

Madden was inducted in 2006 with:

Troy Aikman

Harry Carson

Warren Moon

Reggie White

Rayfield Wright

Multiple residents of a neighborhood in Cincinnati reported sightings of a gang of 5 monkeys running loose and swinging from trees in St. Joseph’s cemetery Wednesday night, with one citizen catching them on video. Police say the video isn’t clear enough to verify that the animals are monkeys, and officers that responded to the complaints said no monkeys were to be found. The Cincinnati Zoo isn’t missing any monkeys, and authorities say they could be escapees from a “private collection.”

Today is Friday, April 9, 2021

Today in Sports History

1912 – The first exhibition baseball game was held at Fenway Park in Boston. The game was between Red Sox and Harvard.

1945 – National Football League officials decreed that it was mandatory for football players to wear socks in all league games. 

1963 – As a favor to former Indians infielder Johnny Beradino, who plays Dr. Steve Hardy on General Hospital, Yogi Berra makes a cameo appearance on the popular ABC soap opera. The Yankee legend,  plays the role of Dr. Lawrence Berra, a brain surgeon. Speaking of General Hospital, Stephen A. Smith returns to the soap later this month in his role as Brick. Brick is a “computer and surveillance expert.”

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