Mow to Feel Good!  A Random Act of Kindness in Ohio


A Toledo, Ohio, man is taking neighborhood beautification into his own hands by mowing grass at overgrown abandoned properties and vacant lots. Brett Fry, along with his best friend, has spent the last few weeks providing this free service to uplift his community and spread happiness. “This is all for the joy of making someone else happy,” he says.

Fry estimates that they’ve already spruced up around 10 to 15 properties. His acts of kindness haven’t gone unnoticed, with neighbors taking note and saying how they appreciate his work. He believes that, “One by one we can all make a difference if we just decide to.”

Even though Fry isn’t looking for financial compensation for his acts of kindness, asking nothing for the work he’s doing, he does get the occasional donation from community members who value his work, which Fry says he appreciates “more than anything.” Through his actions, Fry is proving how small acts can transform neighborhoods, one mowed lawn at a time.